dec|li|na|tion «DEHK luh NAY shuhn», noun.
1. a downward bend or slope. SYNONYM(S): declension.
2. a polite refusal: »

I mailed our declination for the tea.

3. a) the deviation of the needle of a compass from true north or south. b) the angular measure of this deviation; variation.
4. Astronomy. the angular distance of a star, planet, etc., from the celestial equator. The declination of a star is used to locate its north or south position in the heavens: »

The declination of a star is similar to geographical latitude and is given in degrees (Bernhard, Bennett, and Rice).

Symbol: δ
5. a turning aside or a deviating from a standard.
6. Obsolete. decline; decay.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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